The Incubator Arts Project presents Other Forces, an annual festival of work from some of independent theater's most innovative artists. For expanded information on any of the productions please click the titles of the productions below.


Take Me Home / written by Alexandra Collier & directed by Meghan Finn
An interactive live performance that takes place inside the mobile heart of New York City: a taxicab. Transporting three audience members from a secret location through a waking dream of the city streets.

I Am An Opera / Joseph Keckler directed by Uwe Mengel
A quadrilingual collection of arias and recitatives that often sound vaguely familiar, as though they might belong to the bel canto repertoire. But rather than prayers to the gods or suicidal swansongs, these laments and buffo showpieces tell minor stories from the artist's own life, centering around an accidental trip on hallucinogens.

She Is King / Laryssa Husiak & Katherine Brook
Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the historic “Battle of the Sexes”,  She is King  is a live performance that uses archival footage to reenact three interviews at pivotal moments in the career of tennis trailblazer Billie Jean King.

Blue Wizard Black Wizard / Dave Malloy & Eliza Bent
Ancient ideals and modern musings rub up against each other in Blue Wizard / Black Wizard , a philosophical musical fantasia. Two referees adjudicate the proceedings as the Black and Blue Wizards battle to save themselves and humanity from the mundane.

#spellforfainting / WaxFactory
#aspellforfainting is a cross-media spectacle of a woman as a symptomatic map of the hysterical body fragmented with juxtapositions, interruptions and tweets.


Grimly Handsome / Julia Jarcho
Grimly Handsome is a new play about crime, desire, and medium-sized animals. Featuring Jenny Seastone Stern, Ben Williams & Pete Simpson

Evelyn in Concert / Nellie Tinder
Nellie Tinder re-imagines their 2012 hit show Evelyn, a musical fever dream about the consequences of being somebody and the horror of being nobody, as an experimental chamber musical.

James Moore performs John Zorn's Book of Heads
James Moore offers an encore performance of The Book of Heads by John Zorn: a beautiful, playful, and literally explosive evening of solo guitar music.


Cattywampus / Robert Cucuzza & Transit Authority
In this line-by-line reinvention of August Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie, writer and director Robert Cucuzza distills an essential tale of class and sexual power dynamics and transports it to modern-day Pittsburgh.

Away Uniform / Half Straddle
Tina Satter and Half Straddle present a preview showing of Away Uniform, an unexpected companion piece and darker heartbeat of the critically acclaimed In the Pony Palace/FOOTBALL. Using her poetically tinged approach to the language and feelings of sports as a textual layer, Tina creates an even more abstracted, but potent world out on the Plains to consider teammates, family, and belief in something more.


Innova / Object Collection
Innova is an experimental opera set within an urban grotto that evokes a cosmopolitan vision of decay and resonantly colliding languages.

Tom Ryan Thinks He's James Mason... / Daniel Fish
Inspired by mid-century Hollywood melodrama, specifically the films of Nicholas Ray and Douglas Sirk, this work re-imagines the genre to explore the pain, pressure and isolation of America’s addiction to heroism.

Dance Marathon / bluemouth, inc.
Known for its heightened performance style and bold design, bluemouth inc. explores themes of endurance, competition, survival, and voyeurism in Dance Marathon, while enwrapping the audience in a wildly joyous, deceptively crafted experience.


The Assember Dilator / 31 Down
A doctor and a nurse embark on a journey and become lab rats in their own hallucinogenic medical trial. Through hypnotic aural and visual design 31 Down confronts issues of medical research, sources of funding and the responsibility of science in the near future. Dealing with themes of transcendence, control and greed, notions of human interaction with science and nature are unraveled.

Behind the Bullseye / Sponsored by Nobody
Fusing elements of theatre, film, journalism and installation art, Sponsored By Nobody examines American consumerism, distilled into one place, one time. The Target store at Atlantic Terminal Mall (Brooklyn) is used as a focal point around which to explore what lies beneath the collective shopping experiences of consumers across diverse ethnic and class backgrounds. This Target store has emerged as a defining location where residents from various neighborhoods converge to obtain their basic necessities. With the advent of gentrification across various neighborhoods bordering this location, the Target store at Atlantic Terminal Mall has become an intersection point for ethnic and class groups.

A Thought About Raya / The Debate Society
A Thought About Raya brings to the stage the violent and darkly comedic spirit of Leningrad artist Daniil Kharms, whose idiosyncratic visions and nonlinear theatrical performances led to his arrest, imprisonment, and eventual death during Stalin’s purges. In a series of colliding scenes, vibrant images and absurd turns frame this performance that is part fable, part dance, and part experience. The complex themes of love, sex, violence, and death pepper this simple story of the search for a voice in the midst of chaos.