Hybrid Stage Project //
The Red Book

April 19 - 28//
new performance series


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Co-director, writer, performer: Fulya Peker
Co-director, writer, performer: Deborah Wallace
Choreography: Akiko Aizawa

Fulya Peker and Deborah Wallace collide once again as Hybrid Stage Project to present a new work, The Red Book (Enantiodromia).

Esoteric rituals, alchemical formulas, messages of the dead, unencrypted ciphers, and a visceral exploration of color theory weave their way across the terrain of the stage. The Red Book investigates the invisible momentum of the psyche, ritualistic gesticulation patterns, poetry of space, mirrors and mazes, ecstatic forms of spoken word, color and reflection. Enantiodromia suggests that the excess of any force inevitably produces its opposite. This coincidence of opposites and the confrontation of dual, dueling forces within the human psyche may lead us into the missing third, which forces itself to be sensed and expressed before words, beyond speech, beyond the medium that incarnates the act.

In The Red Book, Peker and Wallace continue their investigation of intricately crafted, rigorous, physical forms and vocal structures. Melding their fiercely expressionistic aesthetic with meticulously configured phenomenological structures, The Hybrid Stage Project puts its unconscious on trial and you are invited to the ritual.

In 2009, Fulya Peker and Deborah Wallace founded Hybrid Stage Project to present experimental works for the theatre created through engaging in intense dialogues on phenomenology.

In 2010 Hybrid Stage Project presented its first play THE VOID in association with Incubator Arts Project. This work was inspired by Alfred Kubin's paintings and his dystopic novel, The Other Side, which pointedly displays the perpetually claustrophobic absurdity of culture while asking us to enter and luxuriate in the adventure of the void. THE VOID was an exploration of a man's multilayered consciousness in relation to physics and a presentation of a shockingly detailed vision of articulate forms with inarticulate perceptions.


FULYA PEKER is a NY based Turkish theater artist. She has performed in the works by Richard Foreman, John Zorn, Katsura Kan, Object Collection, Robert Ashley, and most recently she was featured in David Michalek’s Portraits in Dramatic Time at Lincoln Center. Her New York credits as a writer and director include: The Plague and Requiem Aeternam Deo (Katharsis Performance Project); The Void (Hybrid Stage Project); Yellow Sound, Hands of a Suicide and Broken Umbilical Cord (Modern Mythologies Project). Peker is the artistic director of Katharsis Performance Project and founder of Modern Mythologies Project.

DEBORAH WALLACE is a multidisciplinary artist from Scotland. She has worked as a performer with Richard Foreman, Anne Bogart and SITI Company, The International WOW Company, Ann Hamilton, and many others. Her original plays have been presented at The Ohio Theater (Homesick, Psyche) HERE Arts Center (Psyche) and New Dance Group (Agnes/Martha). As Associate Artistic Director and Producer for International WOW Company, she has collaborated on more than 15 works for the stage and produced the documentary films The Sky Is Pink and Gasland, Part II.